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Pmu Eyebrows And Lips

Welcome to Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Clinics – Unleash the Beauty of Your Features with Ombré Eyebrows and Lips!

Ombré Eyebrows Procedure:
Experience the artistry at Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Clinics with our Ombré Eyebrows procedure. This two-step permanent makeup process involves initial pigment insertion and a touch-up after 6-8 weeks. Utilizing a specialized permanent makeup machine, we create a soft, powder-like effect by delicately applying dots of carefully selected pigment colors. The technique ensures a seamless transition from a lighter shade at the start of the eyebrow to a richer hue at the end, resulting in a beautiful gradient color that enhances your natural beauty.

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Benefits of Ombré Eyebrows at REVIVE Clinics:

Choosing Ombré Eyebrows at Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Clinics comes with a myriad of benefits:

  • Achieve desired fullness and design
  • Attain well-groomed, perfectly shaped eyebrows with ideal shading
  • Enjoy natural, aesthetically pleasing results
  • Complement your look with bright or neutral lips
  • Experience waterproof and smudge-free eyebrows
  • Select from a rich color palette to match your skin tone, hair, and eye color
  • Suitable for oily or sensitive skin with sterile, disposable consumables
  • Access affordable pricing with a short healing period
  • Ensure long-lasting, optimal results with periodic touch-ups.
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Dr. Panktis Revive

What to Expect:
Post-procedure, anticipate the initial darkness of your eyebrows, lightening up to 60% during the healing process. Follow aftercare instructions, including the application of provided coconut oil and refraining from makeup on the treated area for a week.

Ensure a safe procedure by reviewing common contraindications such as age under 18, pregnancy, a history of keloids, COVID symptoms, chemotherapy, and Accutane use in the past year.

Aftercare Instructions:
Adhere to dos and don’ts for proper aftercare:
Dos include gentle washing, application of provided coconut oil, and the use of oil-absorbing sheets.
Don’ts involve avoiding makeup, scratching, heavy workouts, sunbathing, and intense treatments for several weeks.

How Long Do Ombré Brows Last?
Benefit from healed results lasting up to 3 years with timely touch-up procedures. A touch-up 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment is crucial for maintaining lasting results.

Elevate your beauty with the expertise of Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Clinics. Schedule your Ombré Eyebrows appointment now and embrace flawless beauty that stands the test of time! #OmbréEyebrows #PermanentMakeup #REVIVEClinics