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Hair Fall Treatment

Treatment of hair loss with laser LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) or LaserComb, is a modern therapy that is used complementary with other therapies for men and women. This therapy is applied in cases of hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness, but also in other cases of alopecia such as diffuse alopecia or alopecia areata. It is painless, bloodless and without complications.


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Action and effectiveness of laser LLLT therapy

It is considered that laser energy acts in two ways. Stimulation of cells in the hair follicle resulting in increased production of ATP from the cells and faster growth of hair.Stimulation of the local perfusion of the skin on the scalp resulting in growth in length and diameter of each hair. 

The treatment of hair loss with laser LLLT, according to various relevant scientific studies, has resulted in slowing or even stopping hair loss in 85% of patients, while growth of new hair has been observed at a rate of 55% of cases. Moreover, it is important that treatment with laser LLLT (LaserComb) increases the diameter of the hair, thus improving the appearance and volume of hair.

The combined therapies of laser LLLT with minoxidil or/and finasteride treatment on areas withalopecia, provide the optimum results. These methods have better results in cases of incipient or partial hair loss, while in cases where baldness (alopecia) is established for many years, the results are poor because there are no hair follicles to be stimulated.

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Indications and side effects of laser LLLT-LaserComb treatment
– Laser LLLT hairloss treatment is recommended for men and women with a family history of androgenetic alopecia, men and women who already have hair loss and are already being treated for it or not, patients about to undergo or have undergone in the past hair transplant, patients with hair loss due to other causes (diffuse alopecia, alopecia areata, alopecia caused by medication, chemotherapy, etc.) and women with severe hair loss after pregnancy or menopause.

The non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical nature of laser LLLT-LaserComb treatment, as well as the low energy of laser light can guarantee the long term use of the treatment with no side effects.

Duration of laser LLLT-LaserComb treatment
– The treatment of hair loss with laser LLLT can be done in the clinic, initially 3 times a week for sessions lasting 15 minutes for the first month, once a week for 15 minutes-sessions for two months and then once a month as maintenance therapy. Alternatively, the portable laser LLLT- Laser Comb device can be used at home with appropriate instructions from the doctor, for 10-15 minutes, initially on a daily basis and after the third month three times a week.