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Hair Density Improvement Program

Revive Clinic offers fully customized hair loss and hair restoration treatment plans. Our Density Improvement Program (DIP) is the ultimate example of treatments that complement each other to maximize hair restoration results.

The Density Improvement Program is for clients who are serious about their hair and willing to put the full force of Revive hair restoration technology to work.? By combining two tried-and-true methodologies, DIP replaces hair that has been lost while restoring both hair and scalp to a healthy state.

Dr. Panktis Revive

The Density Improvement Program is so effective because it combines two proven science-based technologies to treat your hair loss while restoring existing hair to full vitality:

1. Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation
– Revive revolutionary hair transplantation method is minimally evasive as well as highly effective. Compared to traditional (less effective) methods, it offers the shortest recovery time (days not weeks) and least scarring.How it works: The follicular unit extraction method, also known as FUE, uses direct extraction of follicular units of hair (a unit = 1 to 4 hairs). We makes a tiny cut in the skin around each unit, thereby separating and extracting it from the scalp. Rather than dissecting follicular units later with the aid of a microscope, the more efficient FUE method removes this extra step by individually removing the hair from the scalp.Each extracted follicular unit is harvested along with other units until the we have collected all the units (hairs) required for hair transplantation.

2. Herbal extract hair restoration treatment
– FUE hair transplantation works even better when combined with treatment of the non-transplanted hair and the scalp, as well. Thus the Density Improvement Program (DIP) includes both hair restoration treatment supplemented with our individually formulated natural hair restoration extracts. Specific herbal extract formulations are customized for each patient. Each prescription is based on the clients hair loss history, their hair type and condition, their scalp condition, and specific hair restoration goals. We do not sell any off-the-shelf products. The ingredients are individually formulated, creating unique treatments for each client. After careful evaluation of your hair and scalp your Revive Treatment Team will recommend a treatment plan. Usually, an extract, made of plant derivatives and fatty acids is applied to the scalp and is used with a specially formulated shampoo. The customized treatment plan is made to address each clients specific goals to address thinning hair, hair loss and scalp health.