Happy Makar Sankranti 2019

#Sankranti the Festival of Sun is here. On This Auspicious Occasion REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic wishes our Clients, Relatives & Friends A very Happy & Cheerful Makar Sankranti 2019 filled with Joy & warmth. May you get connected with the brightest moments of your life just as the kites dot the Sky in this #KiteFlyingFestival 
May it bring You & Your Family & All Your nearer & dearer ones greater knowledge, wisdom & light up your lives for the entire new year 2019. You reach new Heights of #Happiness adding more & more charm to Your Celebrations & May the Number of Your Celebrations Soar Higher & Higher like the #Kites Flying in the Sky.

Marking the onset of summer, this six months long auspicious period for Hindus known as #Uttaarayan is observed according to the solar cycles & is dedicated to Hindu God Surya thanking for nature & its resources. The festivities associated with the day are celebrated by different names in different parts of #INDIA to welcome the #harvest season — #Lohri in North India, #Uttaarayan in Gujarat & Rajasthan #Sukarat in Central India, #Bihu in Assam, #Pongal in Tamil Nadu & #PoushSankranti in West Bengal, #Sakraat in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha & the neighbouring regions.

This year, #Uttarayan2019 falls on January 15, a change from the past 100 years wherein the festival was celebrated on January 14. The day spreads much cheer & happiness as special delicacies are prepared to enhance the #festivefun 
People keenly await this festival to fly kites, called ‘patang’. Kites for Uttarayan are made of special light-weight paper & ultra-light bamboo sticks. The string. called ‘manja’, often contains abrasives to cut down other people’s kites. In the major cities of #Mumbai #Pune #Ahmedabad#Surat #Vadodara #Rajkot & #Jamnagar the skies appear filled with thousands of kites as people enjoy Two full days of Uttarayan on their terraces. When people cut someone’s kite they rejoice n yell words like “kaypo chhe!!”.

Sweets particularly from sesame (Til) & a sugar base such as jaggery(gud), Til-Gul, are made in homes. This type of sweet is a symbolism for being together in peace & joyfulness despite the uniqueness & differences between individuals. On the day of Makar Sankranti, various spiritual practices are observed. It is common for people to take a holy dip in rivers & it is generally believed that doing so would absolve them of their past sins.

The Only Constant thing in Life is Change & The Eternal Mystery of Life is a New Start.
Makar Sankranti denotes great planning & happy beginnings, daring new destinations & new targets to achieve New heights of Success & Sweetness.
Wish You a very Happy & Joyful #MakarSankranti2019 
Make up this #uttarayanspecial with the best of #familytime and enjoy this #KiteFlyingFestival

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