Happy Republic Day 2019

REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic Wishes Everyone A Happy Republic Day 2019! 
A man is a patriot if his heart beats true to his #Country.
This Republic Day,
Let’s Come Together to Salute & Felicitate Our Glorious Nation
With Pride in Our Hearts,
Faith in Our Words,
Memories in Our Mind,
Freedom in Our Souls.

Republic Day in #INDIA is of great importance in #INDAN #History as it tells Us All about each and every struggle of Indians to achieve #freedom. People who were fighting for #Independence of India took a pledge on the same day in 1930 at the banks of River Ravi in #Lahore to achieve a complete Independence (‘Poorna Swarajya’) of #INDIA, which came true in the year 1947 on 15th of August.

On 26th of January in 1950, #INDIA was declared as a #Sovereign#Secular #Socialistic and #Democratic #Republic which means the people of #INDIA got the power to choose the government for the #country. Republic day is a #NationalHoliday in India when people celebrate this great day of #Honour in their own ways. The main celebration takes place at #Rajpath, New Delhi where President of India hoists the National Flag and a parade is organised by the Indian Armed Forces. People also pay tribute to all the Freedom Fighters of the Indian Freedom struggle who sacrificed their lives for the Nation.

Did You know?

The #Constitution of India is the longest in the World. 
Also known as “Bharat ka Samvidhaan” in Hindi, the constitution of India is not only Hand-Written but is also Calligraphed in both, Hindi and English. The original copy is kept under high surveillance in a helium-filled box inside the library on the premises of the Parliament of India 
The first Republic Day parade also took place on January 26, 1950. More than 100 aircraft from the Indian Air Force flew past the parade.

The lion head from Ashoka Pillar in Sarnath was formally adopted as the national emblem on the same day.

The word Royal was dropped from Royal Air Force and it became Indian Air Force on this day.

The then Prime Minister of INDIA, Jawaharlal Nehru addressed the nation on the radio on the eve of the first Republic Day.

The then Indonesian President Sukarno was the first chief guest at the Republic Day parade in 1950.

The peacock was declared as the national bird on this same day in 1963.

There are indeed many more such Interesting facts worthwhile to remember about while Celebrating the Republic Day of India.

Proud to Be An #INDAN

Want more Good Hair & Healthy Scalp Days?

Dear #Health #Wellness & #Fitness Lovers,
Do You Want more Good Hair & Healthy Scalp days? If your answer to this is “Yes”, then here’s something we have for you. 
The Best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
To maintain #healthy Hair, Try to follow these tips:
1. Wash oily Hair more frequently. If you see #flakes in your hair, you may not be shampooing enough. This can lead to #dandruff & other #scalpdiseases.
2. Choose a #shampoo & #conditioner formulated specifically for your hair type.
3. Before #swimming, conditioning your hair can protect it from the damaging effects of chlorine. Wear a tight-fitting swim cap & use a specially formulated swimmers shampoo & deep conditioner after swimming to replace lost moisture.
4. If you ride a two-wheeler regularly, wearing a #helmet for long hours becomes inevitable & can aggravate already existing scalp & #hairlossconditions. Wearing a clean piece of cloth or scarf on your head, covering your hair before putting on the helmet can be a very effective way to reduce any risk of hair loss due to helmet.
5. Clean the inner lining of your helmet regularly to ensure that there is no fungal growth on the inner soft layer due to sweat. 
6. For Girls (or even Guys) with long hair – Braid or tie your hair into a firm ponytail before wearing a helmet to prevent it from becoming messy & stuck in your helmet.

There are many #medical conditions that can affect the hair & scalp, most of them resulting in hair loss or some type of #skin #rash
These causes can be #hereditary in nature or can be caused by an infection or lack of proper #nutrition.
Shedding of skin is a natural process, but if dead cells removal becomes excessive, the flakes become visible & the condition is called Dandruff.
It affects around half of the people & the condition may worsen in the winter.

While symptoms for these scalp conditions vary, they almost include rashes, hair thinning or hair loss, hair breakage, itchiness, & at times, pain. Treatments also vary but correct diagnosis is important. So We at Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic can address any questions or concerns that you have about your hair care.

Treatment For Dandruff with #Homeopathy ensures not only a reduction of the symptoms, but also restores the balance of skin cells to prevent recurrent. Homeopathy is natural, safe & without any side-effects, & one can enjoy complete freedom from Dandruff. Moreover, it also helps in removing all other associated symptoms.

Sebopsoriasis is an overlap between two separate conditions:-
1. Seborrhoeic Dermatitis – this mainly affects your scalp. It causes scaly patches, red skin & stubborn dandruff. Seborrheic dermatitis can also affect oily areas of the body, such as the face, sides of the nose, eyebrows, ears, eyelids & chest.
2. Psoriasis – a common skin disorder that makes raised, reddish, often scaly patches. It can pop up as a single patch or several & can even affect your entire scalp. It can also spread to your forehead, the back of your neck, or behind & inside your ears.

Strength & growth come only through continuous effort & struggle.
#Act before it’s too late! 
So If You are facing self-esteem problems due to Hair Dandruff…
If You’re so uncomfortable that you’re losing sleep or being distracted from your daily routine due to any Scalp problems…
How good it would be to get diagnosed & cure early for #Dandruff Or #Seborrhoeic #Dermatitis Or #Sebopsoriasis Or #Psoriasis?
Book an appointment TODAY for a FREE Consultation session.
Gift yourself a life full of #Beauty & #Confidence
We are here to assist you with a Healthy Hair & Scalp Solutions with No Side-Effects at all.

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Happy Makar Sankranti 2019

#Sankranti the Festival of Sun is here. On This Auspicious Occasion REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic wishes our Clients, Relatives & Friends A very Happy & Cheerful Makar Sankranti 2019 filled with Joy & warmth. May you get connected with the brightest moments of your life just as the kites dot the Sky in this #KiteFlyingFestival 
May it bring You & Your Family & All Your nearer & dearer ones greater knowledge, wisdom & light up your lives for the entire new year 2019. You reach new Heights of #Happiness adding more & more charm to Your Celebrations & May the Number of Your Celebrations Soar Higher & Higher like the #Kites Flying in the Sky.

Marking the onset of summer, this six months long auspicious period for Hindus known as #Uttaarayan is observed according to the solar cycles & is dedicated to Hindu God Surya thanking for nature & its resources. The festivities associated with the day are celebrated by different names in different parts of #INDIA to welcome the #harvest season — #Lohri in North India, #Uttaarayan in Gujarat & Rajasthan #Sukarat in Central India, #Bihu in Assam, #Pongal in Tamil Nadu & #PoushSankranti in West Bengal, #Sakraat in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha & the neighbouring regions.

This year, #Uttarayan2019 falls on January 15, a change from the past 100 years wherein the festival was celebrated on January 14. The day spreads much cheer & happiness as special delicacies are prepared to enhance the #festivefun 
People keenly await this festival to fly kites, called ‘patang’. Kites for Uttarayan are made of special light-weight paper & ultra-light bamboo sticks. The string. called ‘manja’, often contains abrasives to cut down other people’s kites. In the major cities of #Mumbai #Pune #Ahmedabad#Surat #Vadodara #Rajkot & #Jamnagar the skies appear filled with thousands of kites as people enjoy Two full days of Uttarayan on their terraces. When people cut someone’s kite they rejoice n yell words like “kaypo chhe!!”.

Sweets particularly from sesame (Til) & a sugar base such as jaggery(gud), Til-Gul, are made in homes. This type of sweet is a symbolism for being together in peace & joyfulness despite the uniqueness & differences between individuals. On the day of Makar Sankranti, various spiritual practices are observed. It is common for people to take a holy dip in rivers & it is generally believed that doing so would absolve them of their past sins.

The Only Constant thing in Life is Change & The Eternal Mystery of Life is a New Start.
Makar Sankranti denotes great planning & happy beginnings, daring new destinations & new targets to achieve New heights of Success & Sweetness.
Wish You a very Happy & Joyful #MakarSankranti2019 
Make up this #uttarayanspecial with the best of #familytime and enjoy this #KiteFlyingFestival

Healthy Meals for a Healthier YOU!

A Warm Hello to All Our Lovely Patrons of REVIVE Family !
Hope you feeling #Enthusiastic and #Creative
Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the smile on our client’s face after helping them achieve the #results they’ve been struggling to attain. If you are one of those people who see a new year as the opportunity for a fresh start, you may have already spent some time thinking about #habits you’d like to break or form as we start #newyear2019

Achieving your #health and #fitness #goals can be simple, fun, and easy when approached correctly.
In this article, you’ll discover #powerful #tips that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

  1. Get #Quality Sleep
  2. Regular #Walking & #Excercise can go a long way towards improving your health.
  3. Take up hobbies & Schedule some ” Me ” time like #Photography #Yoga #Meditation as your brain needs to detox too.
  4. Cut down on White Sugar , Flour & Salt as they are leading causes of #obesity #diabetes & #Cancer.
  5. Practice Right Breathing excercises for a Stronger #Heart.

Now Lets Pack Power in Every #meal by Eating #Right & Implementing Few Diet Plan :-

  1. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene that protects us from Sunburn.
  2. Bittergourd(Karela) & Kidney beans helps the body to regulate blood pressure as it is rich in potassium.
  3. Spinach is beneficial for eye health & an excellent source of bone-supporting nutrients including calcium & magnesium.
  4. Onions are rich in antibacterial & antifungal properties that nurture hair growth.
  5. Carrots & Apples contain high amount of soluble fibre, which helps in lower cholesterol.
  6. Almonds help manage blood sugar levels by offering a high level of monosaturated fatty acids.
  7. Corn is rich in Vitamin B12, Folic Acid & Iron which increases the Red Blood Cells in body.
  8. Capsicum contain carotenoids which strengthens the Immune system.
  9. Dried Apricots stimulates digestion.
  10. Broccoli promotes heart health by flushing cholesterol out of the body.
  11. Watermelon has a high water content. This makes it hydrating and helps you feel full.
  12. Grapes are high in antioxidants & rich source of vitamins C and K.

It’s Certain that above Health Tips are Worth Implementing .
We are here to help you build an Active Life Style & Thus adding Healthy & Wealthy Years in your Kitty .
Do share your valuable feedback. Stay Tuned for new updates until then Take Care and God Bless!
We @ REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic Wish you an #Exciting #Healthy and #Enjoyable #Month!

Are Sudden Weight Gain & PCOS relative?

We hope our REVIVE Patrons Family had a Happy & Safe New Year .
We are delighted to let you know that your gift of words & Strong responses across social media channels made our New Year truly #memorable
We Thank You for your wonderful wishes & heartfelt prayers.

Lets make a fresh Start & Begin the #NewYear2019 on a great note. Lets take better care of #Mind #Body & #Soul by setting our #fitness#goals
We Encourage You to Stay #Fit & Be #Hit by practicing right #fitness #habits.
Few changes to your habits could make a #BIG difference to your life.
It can be Like This :
-Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal
-Spend 30 minutes for morning walk 
-Spend 10 minutes eating a healthy breakfast
-Spend 15 minutes planning your day

If You Feel #Obesity (#OverWeight) is a major Obstacle in your Fitness Journey Get In Touch with us @ Dr. Pankti REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic.

To Start with First Lets Understand the major reasons for the #Obesity or #OverWeight.
Excessive #Food Intake, lack of physical activity, Improper #diets, sedentary #lifestyles, minimal #exercises and #medical #illnesscontribute to gain the extra fat on the body.

in females, It can be difficult to manage your #weight when you have PCOS. 
It is advisable to reduce your weight at your earliest .
Loss of excess weight may reduce the severity of some symptoms and will reduce the risk of developing further complications associated with PCOS. Even a small but gradual weight loss can help reap large health benefits.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition in women which affects her ability to have a child .
With PCOS, your reproductive hormones are out of balance. This can lead to problems with your ovaries, such as not having your period on time, or missing it entirely. 
Signs and symptoms of PCOS include excess body and facial hair, acne & pelvic pain.
Associated conditions include Type 2 diabetes, obesity, #heart disease & mood disorders.

For all above health related problems We @ REVIVE – Assure you a ONE STOP SOLUTION.
Be a person of action & Book Your Free Consultation today at Dr. Pankti Revive Multispeciality Clinic to understand various weightloss programme.

With hundreds of satisfied customers years over the years, our Team-REVIVE offers you the chance to make a bold move and commit to a total life transformation. 
We are here to help You achieve the #Healthy #Happy #LifeStyle You always wanted.
if You want to fit in your #Dream #Dress, We’re offering a limited time FREE Consultation worth Rs.800/-. Call Now and say #revivemedrpankti

Wish You a Happy & a Blessed New Year 2019

REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic wishes All our Patrons, their Families and friends a very Happy and Bless New Year 2019.
Another promising year awaits you as you turn the leaf for another eventful chapter of your life. 
May everyone be happy and healthy. We pray that all your wishes are fulfilled in 2019.
With 365 days in offing, the hidden opportunities await you in New Year 2019. 
All you have to do is open your arms, identify them and grab them at right time. 
May true Happiness longevity and good fortune be with you. 
Let there be a perfect balance and harmony between your personal and professional life, reel and real world and virtual and personal space.
We wish that 2019 bring joy in everyone’s lives.#HappyNewYear2019

Merry Christmas 2018

REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic wishes Merry Christmas 2018 to all our Patrons, Family & Friends.
We hope this occasion brings you #happiness along with best of #health & #wealth
May this holiday season give you loads of reasons to #smile & share #happiness.

“the more, the merrier” – We are sure you must have come across the phrase. “Happy” is an emotional condition, while “Merry” is a behavior.
Even hearing “Merry” on its own now makes us think of December 25th.
#Christmas is celebrated by people in over 160+ nations all over the world, whether they are Christians or non Christians.
It is a perfect time when friends and families come together, spreading joy and happiness.
People and especially children wait for Christmas as it is a time when you get and give gifts. “The Secret Santa” is among one of favorite games even today!
Traditionally, houses are decked up with colourful lights, satins, stars & a well-decorated Christmas Tree.
Feasts and cakes are prepared and people also sing Christmas carols (songs) expressing their joy and happiness, welcoming the Lord.
We Sincerely Pray to Lord Jesus to Protect Us All from Sin, Misery & darkness.
Lets live a noble life filled with #Humanity#Prayers#Love and #Sacrifice.
God Bless You!

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This Winter, Say “Hi!” to #Fitness and Discover the “New You”. 
#Lose‘ #Weight and ‘#Detox‘ your #Body
Embrace a #HappyHealthyLifeStyle
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Happy Diwali 2018

#Beauty is God’s Signature.
We see reflection of #God in His creation of Human Being, Mountains with Beautiful Landscape, ocean and infinite Species of Animals, Birds and Flowers on this Universe.
It is said that #Lotus is a #symbol of #Purity as the flower maintains it’s unique aroma and remains untouched by mud in which it blooms.
On this Auspicious Day, let us all Pledge to adapt this quality of Lotus and Blossom our #Life with Purity. 
May Millions of Lamps illuminate your Life with endless #Joy#Prosperity#Health#Wealth and#Fitness forever.
Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic Wishes You and Your Family a very “Happy Diwali 2018” filled with #Contentment & #Fortune
This #Diwali, we encourage You to set Your#FitnessGoals and We will help You to successfully accomplish those.
Have a #Blessed and #Blissful#NewYear

Happy Dussehra 2018

‘Vijaya Dashami’ also known as ‘Dussehra’ is a major Hindu festival celebrated at the end of Navratri every year. Vijayadashami is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent.

In India, both Goddess Durga and Lord Rama are Worshipped for their victory over evil. Vijayadashami celebrations include processions to a river or ocean front that carry clay statues of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha and Kartikeya, accompanied by music and chants, after which the idols and sculptures are immersed into the water for dissolution and a graceful goodbye.

And did you know that its not just the ‘Gaurvi Gujaratis’ who are famous for and accustomed to Fafda & Jalebi? 
There is a Custom of eating Fafda’s & Jalebi on Dussehra which has an interesting mythological importance. It was believed that Lord Rama loved Jalebis (called ‘Shashkouli’ then) and since Dussehra is celebrated in respect to Lord Ram’s win over the evil Ravana – people devour these delectable twirls of fried, sugary goodness on this day. Scriptures suggest that every fast can be broken with a dish made from gram flour, hence, the Navratri fast is ended with a savoury fafda note.
After the weariness of dancing for nine days, jalebis help reduce the fatigue. 
So go ahead and indulge and pamper your taste buds but remember, anything in excess is bad!

We @ REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic sending Our Wishes Your way as the gift of Divine Blessings to lighten up your life with prosperity .
May this Dussehra inspire you to never give upon your dreams and aspiration .
Victories are already written in your life’s story.
Have a blast!
Wish You and Your Family a very happy & blessed#dussehra 2018!!!