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Wish You a Blessed Pitru Paksha 2019

Our Team at Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic wishes Blessed Pitru Paksha 2019 to everyone.

Ohh! departed souls and ancestors,
May your souls rest in peace.

Pitru Paksha means fortnight of the ancestors is a 16–lunar day period in Hindu calendar when Hindus pay homage to their ancestor especially through food offerings. The purpose of Shradh is to repay any debts we owe to our deceased ancestors by gratifying their spirits as well as to make free of their sins. The importance of performing Shradh Karma with full devotion has been mentioned in the Shastras.

Just as we serve our parents and close relatives when they are alive as part of abiding by our Dharma, we have certain duties unto them after their death. The Shradh rites provide us with an excellent opportunity to fulfill these duties and repay our debts unto the Pitrus (Ancestors). They are necessary so that the journey after the death of our parents, who have taken our utmost care during our childhood, becomes comfortable and without any distress, and that they acquire ‘Sadgati’ (Momentum for moving to the next higher region spiritually).
It’s about seeking Ancestral Blessings for current and successive generations through satisfying them with Offerings or ‘Pindam’
This Year Shradh Starts From 13th September and ends on 28th September 2019.

May we all get blessings from our ancestors for a positive & spiritual life ahead!

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that #body #positivity is a hot topic.

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that #body #positivity is a hot topic.
Remember that it isn’t selfish to look after yourself.
Instead of trying to #fit into clothes that you have had for more than five years, set more short-term goals and modest #weightlossgoals to help you achieve your long-term goal. Even small amounts of weight loss can help you feel more #energetic, move more easily throughout your day, and improve your #health markers.

It is important to recognize that your body changes as you move through different phases of your life (e.g., for women, say #puberty #pregnancy #menopause, etc.). In this process, excess fat would have been deposited in your #Hip or Butts Section. The hips take a lot of work to shed its extra pounds.

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Cure ACNE PIMPLES at Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic

Have U heard this famous saying “To Keep the Body in Good Health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong & clear”. In order to Support this famous saying, we at Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic have come up with this article to educate U on the most common Skin disorder – Acne.
Acne, also known as Acne vulgaris, is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells & oil from the skin. It primarily affects areas of skin with a relatively high number of oil glands, including the face, the upper part of chest & back.
Factors like hormonal fluctuation, hyperactive sebaceous glands, stress, dead skin cells, bacteria in pores can cause Acne. The resulting appearance can lead to anxiety, reduced self-esteem & in extreme cases, even depression. Many treatment options for Acne are available including lifestyle changes, medications & medical procedures.
There are 3 main types of Acne:

1. A whitehead is a pore that gets clogged & closes but sticks out of the skin. These appear as hard, whitish bumps.
2. A blackhead is a pore that gets clogged but stays open. These appear as tiny dark spots on the skin’s surface.
3. Pimple is a pore whose walls open allowing oil, bacteria & dead skin cells to get under the skin. These appear as red bumps that sometimes have a pus-filled white top.
Did U Know:-
1. Food made of refined carbohydrates like Bread, Pasta, cake, potato chips contributes to the development of Acne.
2. The best diet advice in dealing with Acne appears to be eating a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits & vegetables, healthy proteins & whole grains.
At Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic, each case of Acne is evaluated by our Expert Doctors & Medical team to provide an effective solution with the best result. U can definitely get it treated with homeopathy.
The Homeopathic medicines for Acne can eliminate eruptions over a period of time, prevent further outbreaks & gradually give U healthy-looking skin. So what are U waiting for?
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Share knowledge with others, It is the best way to care & Spread Awareness!
Stay Blessed with Best Health, do check this page for further updates.
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We trust you would also share this with your nearer and dearer ones who are due for a check-up.

Thanks Again!
Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed!!

With Best Regards,


Happy Teacher’s Day 2019!
Being a Teacher is the Highest Privilege,
Having the Best Teacher is The Best Blessing.

Each year on 5th September, Teachers’ Day is celebrated to honor Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.
The day is commemorated to encourage the contribution of teachers to the society.
According to Hindu mythology, parents are given the topmost place as they are the first teacher of a child. Next comes the Teacher or a Guru who leads a child throughout life.

The best teacher is one who can awaken an eternal thirst for knowledge in their students.
Teachers are the best source of inspiration to a child they not only correct the flaws of a student but also make them confident and skillful. We must respect and obey them as they are our Guru.

Dr.Pankti’s Revive Multispeciality Clinic wishes all a very Happy Teachers Day.
Dear Teachers, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for your Unconditional Love, Guidance & Hard work.
You Really Inspired Us To Do Our Best!


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A Tummy Tuck is suitable for men and women who are in good health. Women who have had several pregnancies may find the procedure useful for tightening their abdominal muscles and reducing skin. It is is also an option for men or women who were once obese and still have excess fat deposits or loose skin around the belly.

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Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic Wishes Michhami Dukkadam

Michhami Dukkadam!!

On this Pious Occasion of Jain Samvatsari, May we all get self-purification & upliftment so we can adhere to ten universal virtues in our practical life successfully.

Is choti si zindagi me,
Hamari aap se choti si mulaqat mein,
Kabhi bhi, Kahi bhi,Jaane Anjaane Mein Ki Gayi Bhul Ke Liye

At the end of Jain festival Paryushana, devotees request forgiveness for any offenses committed during the year by saying ‘Michhami Dukkadam’ or ‘Uttam Kshama’ meaning “If I have offended you in any way, knowingly or unknowingly, in thought, word or deed, then I seek your forgiveness.”
If we reflect on ourselves, we would realize that our mind is continuously busy either thinking about something which may be near to us or could be far away as the other end of the world, talking or doing physical activities. This thinking, our words or our physical activities would be a reflection of our happiness, sorrow, anger, greed, jealousy, & egoism. And, depending upon how we react to those, we attract various types of new karmas to our souls.
No prudent person would like to attract bad karma and at certain stages any karma at all. It is not as easy as turning off a light switch but we have a choice to minimizing our damage so that things would be more conducive for our social & spiritual upliftment. It will ultimately lead to the liberation of our soul from this worldly life.
The Team at Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic wishes you all Michhami Dukkadam!
We beg your forgiveness from the bottom of our hearts for any kind of misdeeds or misbehavior whether knowingly or unknowingly happened by us to you through mind, thoughts, actions or speech during the past year.
Let us all start this New Year with a clean pure heart!


On This Auspicious Occasion of Vinayak Chaturthi 2019,

Let us welcome Lord Ganesha with open arms,

fill our hearts with happiness, & homes with positive vibes.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the celebration of the birthday of Lord Ganesha. This is a ten days festival which is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm across the country. This year 2nd September 2019 will be observed as Ganpati Jayanti. On this day, devotees worship the elephant God and immerse his idol in water with high spirited celebrations on the last day. People share sweets (Modak) and seek blessings from Lord Ganesha for a successful and prosperous life.

Did you Know?

1. Ganesha’s trunk symbolizes the fact that the wise person has both immense strength & fine discrimination.

2. Ganesha has large ears. The wise person hears all.

3. When we bow down to Ganesha, we don’t bow down to work of art but we bow down to a divine figure which has some significance & meaning for our motivation in life.

4. Spirituality explains it as a source of energy.

5. Modak is known to be the most favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha.

Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic Wishes you success and prosperity in each of your future endeavors.

Best wishes on Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family.

Thank you for Being Part of the REVIVE Family.

Lets Preserve Nature & Nature will preserve us.


Don’t let another day pass without a plan to become healthy.
We @ Dr. Pankti’s REVIVE Multi Speciality Clinic have come up with this article to encourage healthy eating habits.
Do share your valuable feedback as it will motivate us to keep on sharing such healthy advice.

The best ways to get the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need are from the healthy food choices you make. A good, balanced eating plan — filled with fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, lots of fluids, healthier oils, good proteins, and whole grains — should do the trick. To make sure you have room for nutrient-rich food, skip ones that are high in saturated fat or sugar or that don’t have many vitamins and minerals (cookies, chips, and soda, for example). If you do eat these foods, have them as a treat after you’ve eaten a healthy meal.

Protein-rich foods fight the natural muscle loss that happens as you get older. As much as you can, enjoy your protein in “real” food like eggs, lean meat, and dairy products instead of protein powders that may not give you as many nutrients.

The calcium in dairy keeps your bones healthy. As you get older, it can also lower your risk of osteoporosis, colon cancer, and high blood pressure. After age 50, you’ll need 1,200 milligrams of calcium each day, which you can get through fat-free and low-fat dairy products.

Watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, red and orange bell peppers — these fruits and veggies are rich in a natural compound called lycopene. Studies show foods that have it could lower your risk of some types of cancer and may protect you against strokes, too.

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower have a chemical called sulforaphane that switches on your immune cells so they’re better able to attack toxins that damage your cells.

Sweet potatoes have plenty of beta carotene, which your body turns into vitamin A. This vitamin is key for healthy eyesight and skin.

If you’re not sure what to eat, how much you should eat, or how to prepare food, let our medical team know. They can pair you with a dietitian or nutritionist who can help you make a healthy eating plan.
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Share knowledge with others, It is the best way to care & Spread Awareness!
Stay Blessed with Best Health, do check this page for further updates

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